Ladies Lunch

Wed, 8th March 2023

Ladies Lunch

This last Sunday our WM hosted his Ladies Lunch at the Crown and Sandys in Ombersley. It was such a wonderfully happy and relaxed affair. Everyone seemed so pleased to attend our first non-masonic social event since COVID restrictions were lifted.

Many of the brothers had also invited their family and friends and this made the lunch a truly multi-generational event and was so much better for it. It was also very well supported by members of Wyche Lodge, our WM’s mother lodge, and to which our WM is still a very active member.

Everyone looked so well turned-out and there was this delightful hum of chatting and laughing around the, full to capacity, Orangery. The food was impressive, particularly for the amount of people being served at once, the company was captivating and at the end of the lunch the WM presented the Ladies with a beautiful gift.

The raffle, in aid of the WM wife’s preferred charity, Smile Train, which helps families, supporters and medical professionals transform the lives of babies born with cleft lips and palates. The raffle made a generous amount. This may be partly due the very friendly and enthusiastic ticket selling techniques.

Everyone retired replete and having had such a wonderful lunch, so we need a huge well-done and thank-you to everyone involved in its organisation and the team at the Crown and Sandys.