Well, that’s how you do ceremony!

Tue, 7th February 2023

Mitton Lodge 6904 6th February 2023

“Well, that’s how you do ceremony” came the quiet comment to me from one our most respected brothers. Our Deputy Provisional Grand Master had just sat down having delivered his brilliant address.

It was wonderful to see yet more brothers being able to return to lodge meetings and with a healthy amount of visitors the lodge was well supported last night.

With the subject matter of the evening, it was unfortunate that a newly initiated visiting brother couldn’t make it but our newly initiated bother was present and attentive.

After our opening and usual greetings etc. we received a short paper (with a long title) from our Bro. Secretary, ‘The origins and development of the modern tracing-board set within an evolving Lodge Room’ which was derived mostly from our amazing masonic web resource, Solomon. It was beautifully delivered and a great introduction to our next address.

Here our Deputy Provisional Grand Master presented a version of “An explanation of the first degree tracing-board”. This was yet another amazing “first” for most of us. It was created by an amalgamation of a rare but published Devonian version and the more known standard version. It was explained to us that, where the normal version manages to use a few words to explain a point the Devonian version uses at least three paragraphs of text and where the Devonian version uses only a few short words, the normal version uses paragraphs. This was huge piece of work to learn, to retain and then to deliver so well. It was even more special, as the delivery was so good, keeping us all so enthralled throughout.

Much discussion and great thanks were given to our Deputy Provisional Grand Master which were well received.

The other matters of business all completed well and everyone retired to our amazing festive board. Much fun was had by all including the many toasts and speeches all whilst raising impressive amounts for our charities.

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