Some Famous Freemasons

Here are some famous Freemasons. If you know of any more that should be listed please let us know.

“Freemasonry regards No Man for his worldly wealth. All Masons meet together as equals and put aside their power and position in order to gather in harmony.”

Louis ArmstrongMusician
Mustapha Kemal AtaturkPresident of Turkey, 1923-1938
Chet AtkinsMusician
Gene AutryActor
Johann Christian Bach Composer
William ‘Count’ BassieOrchestra Leader
Ludwig Van BeethovenComposer
Irving BerlinComposer
Napolean BonaparteEmperor of France 
Ernest BorgnineActor
Pik BothaForeign Minister of South Africa
James Buchanan15th US President, 1857-1861
Michael CaineActor
Frederic ChopinComposer
Sir Winston ChurchillBritish Prime Minister 
William F. ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody US Soldier & Showman
Nat ‘King’ ColeMusician
Lou CostelloEntertainer
Cecil B. DeMilleFilm Director
Edward VIIKing of England
Edward VIIIKing of England
Duke EllingtonComposer
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Actor
W.C. FieldsActor
Gerald Ford, Jr.38th US President, 1974-1977
Francis IHoly Roman Emperor, 1745-1765
Francis IIHoly Roman Emperor, 1768-1806
Benjamin Franklin US Statesman
Frederic VIIKing of Denmark, 1806-1863
Clark GableActor
James Abram Garfield20th US President, 1881
George VIKing of England
Gilbert and SullivanComposers
Johann Wolfgang Goethe Writer
George Fredrick HandelComposer
Oliver HardyComedian
Franz Josef HaydnComposer
Harry HoudiniMagician
Burl IvesEntertainer
Andrew Jackson7th US President, 1829-1837
Andrew Johnson17th US President, 1865-1869
Lyndon B. Johnson36th US President, 1963-1969
Al JolsonActor
Buster KeatonComedian
Franz LiztComposer
Harold C. LloydComedian
Louis B. MayerFilm Producer
Glenn MillerBand Leader
Alexandre MitterandPresident of France
James Monroe5th US President, 1817-1825
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer 
Peter the GreatEmperor of Russia 1689-1725
James Knox Polk11th US President, 1845-1849
Roy RogersActor
Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd US President, 1933-1945
Theodore Roosevelt26th US President, 1901-1909
Peter SellersActor
Jean SibeliusComposer
Harry S. Truman33rd US President, 1945-1951
Jack WarnerFilm Producer
George Washington1st US President, 1789-1797
John WayneActor
William IKing of Prussia 1861-1888
William IIKing of the Netherlands, 1792-1849
William IVKing of England 
Darryl F. Zanuck Film Producer