That doesn’t happen very often and was a first for me!

Monday 6th March was our penultimate meeting of the season at Mitton Lodge in Stourport. We were holding a passing ceremony for one of your recent initiates, everyone was up to scratch on their ritual, and we were ready to go.

A few days earlier our lodge mentor was chatting to our brother and learnt that he probably wasn’t going to be able to make the meeting. Oh no, not a demonstration, I hear you all cry out, well no.

Having received written approval, Mitton Lodge was going to pass a brother from a different lodge, our friend, Wyche Lodge. Many of our brethren are members of both so our WM (and there DC) and our secatary (and their WM) jointly, with the assistance of brethren from both lodges, excellently carried out this ceremony.

We had our IG present the extended version of the Working Tools for his first time. He was truly amazing, word perfect, a good steady pace, good voice inflection and he didn’t need a single prompt, really, not one.

We also had our SD present the tracing board, which was again, simply outstanding. I had heard him previously do the extended version but happily, as we were all getting a bit peckish, he had been asked to keep it to the standard version.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we also many brethren being asked to cover roles at very short notice and again they were all brilliant.

It was also such happy occasion, everyone was so positive about the evening.

Our festive board was again delicious. As it was our WM’s last evening as WM, we all assisted in singing of the WM’s song, ably led by one of our brothers. We thanked our WM for all he had manged to achieve during his year and ended with a toasted to him.

And next month, yes, the installation of our new WM and we only went and got allocated the Provisional A team!