What, 50 years in Freemasonry?

Yes and freemasonry celebrates this rare landmark well. We are lucky that we have a few members that have reached this major moment in their masonic journey.

After a special introduction from our most senior member, we heard a short summary of the memories and achievements over a 50 year period along with further amusing insights and incidents from other brethren. This clearly involved recalling the fondly remembered brothers who have since passed to the mansions above but who had added so much to the enjoyment and support of the members of the lodge.

We were also so grateful to the provisional team that so ably assisted in the presentation and ceremony and who made the whole evening that much more of a special occasion.

We also heard news of a recent promotion for another long standing and very hard working brother, so the evening became a double celebration.

Our thoughts and best wishes turned to those unable to attend.

Our festive board (meal) was once again delicious with the wine tasting particularly fine. (It was generously provided by the recipient of the 50 year certificate.)

The speeches were delightful where we heard further recollections of the 50 years and the enduring friend ships made and still maintained to this date, of not the just the brothers, but their wives and families.

The singing of our national anthem was particularly poignant as we had heard the sad news of his majesty’s diagnosis. We toasted him and wished him a full and speedy recovery.

Our charities were generously supported using the donation envelopes and the proceeds of our raffle.  We retired looking forward to our next happy meeting.

Many of us are also, so looking forward to witnessing the installation of a new master of Wyche Lodge that meets at Worcester next Monday 12th February. Be there early, it starts at 5pm! They do the fully extended version which, we know from previous experience, will be simply amazing, particularly if you are a past master as you can see the whole ceremony. So we have celebrated commitment, achievements, friendships, traditions and support, all whilst having a wonderful evening. If you think you might be interest in masonry please get in contact by visiting our website.