First day of the new season and what an evening it was!

Mitton Lodge 6904 Stourport-on-Severn October 2023

Monday 2nd was the first day of the new season and what an evening it was!

Brothers that we thought would not make it two weeks ago, could attend and many brothers scheduled to attend, couldn’t at the last moment.

I was reminded by more experienced brethren, to remember, always be ready for the unexpected! So many had originally volunteered to take one role only to “offered” another, I was luckily offered two roles, one of which was Immediate Past Master with prompting. That’s the one I went for.

Our Worship Master presided over his first ceremony at Mitton Lodge brilliantly (He did go through the chair at his mother lodge but that was possibly 30 years ago (that is a guess (sorry)). Like all lodges, he had to preside over us whilst all sorts of news was imparted and dealt with it all with great care.

Unfortunately our candidate to be passed couldn’t make it, so we preceded with a demonstration which went really well. Our only brother attending, not to have been through the chair yet, presented the extended version of the working tools word perfectly, with not a single prompt required. It was simply brilliant, in fact it was better than that but I don’t have the words (Our secretary says that he will wax lyrical about it in our minutes). The extended version takes the simplest presentation and uplifts it to best in my opinion.

We hopefully have an initiate lined up for our Haggis Night in January. He is quite young in comparison to most of us so we will making a call out for 20 to 40 year old brethren (as well as any older visitors that would like to attend) to make him feel extra welcome.

The festive board was back to its finest in my and many other brethren’s opinion. Local produce, cooked, (mostly) from fresh, in our kitchen and definitely created and served with love and care.

Next month, as previously reported, we have Neville Hay, the legendary motorsport writer and commentator presenting which is definitely an evening not to be missed.

If you think you might like to join masonry, please simply get in touch and we chat it through and see if you would enjoy it.